діти. Crime without punishment

On March 16th 2022 Russian forces bombed the Drama Theatre in Mariupol, a civilian target, that was marked as a shelter for children, with an (in)famous sign „дeти” painted at the square before the building.

A war crime, an act of bestiality, but most of all a terrifying example of Russian ruthless aggression. Magda Szpecht, by creating another video-essay (after „Street Cemeteries”), tries to find the truth about bombing and all following events: lies and disinformation in Russian propaganda and complete destruction of any remainings of the Theatre. She approaches survivors and former actors, as well as Mariupol’s residents. The testimonies and open-source intelligence tools allows her to uncover layers of disinformation, giving the spectator an unique glimpse on how heartless data manipulation leads to atrocities of war.

The project was developed for Teatro Caldéron in Valladoid in the frame of MeetYou festival (premiere: March 9th 2023).

Performance: Ira Gezima
Director: Magda Szpecht
Editor: Bartłomiej Zawiła
Director of photography: Jan Zawadzki
Dramaturgy: Olga Drygas
Visual designers: Karolina Mełnicka, Janek Simon
Translator: Natalia Napiórkowska
Consultant: Liubov Vorobiuk
Support and assessment in Spain: Jorge Tejedor
Project operated by ÆFEKT: Michał Rogulski

Acknowledgements to Accem, Cepaim Foundation, La Nave Senior, La Nave Junior, Lola Eiffel, Amaya Goñi, Bruno Ruiz, and specially all the Ukrainians who have collaborated with their experience.

To be continued…

Слава Україні!

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